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GOS may refer to:

GOS (operating system)

GOS or "good OS" was an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution created by Good OS LLC, a Los Angeles-based corporation. Its CIO David Liu described that after meeting Enlightenment and open source people, he realized that his dream to bring Web 2.0 applications into mainstream use could be achieved by creating a Linux distribution that made it easy for users to access Google and Web 2.0 applications. David Liu went on to create the Chinese Twitter clone called Wozai , leaving GOS officially defunct.

Gos (river)

The Gos river is a 3.8 km long river in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Drainage system — Fils→ Neckar→ Rhine.

Gos (Fils)

'''Gos (Fils) ''' is a river of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.