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Gorr (comics)

Gorr the Golden Gorilla is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Usage examples of "gorr".

I will not have the blood unless I have it warm, and no vessels will keep warm the liquid that is put therein except the bottles of Gwyddolwyn Gorr, which preserve the heat of the liquor that is put into them in the east, until they arrive at the west.

He had been eight days ahead of it at Gorr and five behind at Sastinon.

The Urd, united under their king Gorr, had risen in defiance of all civilized order vowing to extinguish or make slaves of other nations.

The twelve kings of the civilized nations had met and declared war upon Gorr, sailing to meet and join battle with him in his own lands before the evil lord had time to mass his army against them in theirs.

The wily Gorr, seeing his warriors melt before the terrible onslaught, retreated to his massive walled fortress, Golgor.

The great knight Marsant died in that petty war against Gorr, and the ignorant barbarians burned his body.

Alrek turned to look at Gorr, who was indeed scowling his way, no doubt because he would be saddled with the brat next.

Pwyll thrust his spear and struck Grudlwyn Gorr in the middle of the boss of his shield so that it split in half, and Grudlwyn Gorr tumbled the length of his arm and spear over the rump of his horse to the ground, a deep wound in his chest.