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Gorin (air base)

Gorin is an air base in Khabarovsk Krai, Russia located 75 km northwest of Komsomolsk-na-Amure. It contains a 1 km long remote tarmac on the north side. A noteworthy major, but remote airfield. It may have been intended for dispersion of intermediate-range bombers during a Sino-Soviet conflict.

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Gorin (disambiguation)

Gorin may refer to

  • Gorin, an air base in Khabarovsk Krai, Russia
  • Gorin (surname)
  • Gorin v. United States, United States Supreme Court case involving Mikhail Gorin, a Soviet intelligence agent
  • South Gorin, Missouri, a city in United States
  • Furmint, white Hungarian wine grape known as Görin or Gorin
Gorin (surname)

Gorin is a surname. In Slavic countries it is used only for males, while the feminine counterpart is Gorina. It may refer to

  • Aleksandr Gorin (born 1981), Russian association football player
  • Betty Jane Gorin-Smith (born 1940), American historian
  • Brandon Gorin (born 1978), American football offensive tackle
  • Charlie Gorin (born 1928), Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Duino Gorin (born 1951), Italian association football player
  • Grigori Gorin (1940–2000), Soviet playwright
  • Igor Gorin (1904–1982), Austrian baritone and music teacher
  • Jean Gorin (1899–1981), French painter and sculptor
  • Jean-Pierre Gorin (born 1943), French filmmaker
  • Julia Gorin, American conservative writer, humorist, and political commentator
  • Kex Gorin (1949–2007), British drummer
  • Michael B. Gorin, American ophthalmologist
  • Vladimir Gorin (born 1965), Russian Olympic basketball player

Usage examples of "gorin".

Since then, Gorin had declined Dannyl's request for an audience four times.

He had not spoken of the possibility during his talks with Gorin, not wanting to appear unreasonable or threatening.

They built a house in the slums and my father took a job in a gorin slaughterhouse.

Akkarin has assured Gorin that he will let him know if he finds the man.

There had been an undertone of accusation in the letter, as if Gorin suspected that the Guild was responsible for the man's disappearance.

Thousands of gorin, enka and reber rot in the fields, their strength given to the defense of Kyralia.

This was Gorin, the Thief Dannyl had negoti­ated with over Sonea's release.

The gorin will be used to bring other trade downstream—they're slower and cheaper to hire.

You offer Chancellor Gorin control of Bestmeat, Westmark, to the government.

If the Reds had pushed Logain to name himself the Dragon Reborn, could they have done the same for Gorin Rogad or Mazrim Taim?