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Gori (comedian)

, better known as or or , is a Ryukyuan comedian, variety show host, voice actor, film director, and musician. He is a member of the owarai group Garage Sale. He has also appeared in drag as a schoolgirl character named Gorie and collaborated with Jasmine Ann Allen and Joann Yamazaki to release three singles. Mickey reached number one on the Oricon charts in 2004.


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Gori (surname)

Gori or Gōri is the surname of the following people

  • Adolfo Gori (born 1939), Italian football player
  • Antonio Francesco Gori (1691–1757), Florentine antiquarian and professor
  • Daisuke Gōri (1952–2010), Japanese voice actor
  • Lollipop (actress), known as Federica Gori (1970–2008), Italian adult actress
  • Gio Batta Gori, American epidemiologist
  • Giuseppe Gori, Canadian politician
  • Gorella Gori (1900–1963), Italian stage and film actress
  • Kathy Gori (born 1951), American voice actor
  • Mario Gori (born 1973), Argentine footballer
  • Mirko Gori (born 1993) Italian footballer
  • Pietro Gori (1865–1911), Italian lawyer, journalist and anarchist poet

Usage examples of "gori".

Leonardo Gori, the head of the Siena University Math Department, said.

Professor Gori into an inner study, as heartbreakingly beautiful as the outer study, only less elaborate.