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The Collaborative International Dictionary

GOP \GOP\ n. [from Grand Old Party.] The Republican Party, the younger of the two major political parties in the U. S.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"U.S. Republican Party," 1884, an abbreviation of Grand Old Party. The Republicans were so called from 1876; the Democratic Party also was referred to occasionally as grand old party, with lower-case letters, in 1870s-80s and had a greater claim to the title.

GOP (disambiguation)

GOP, short for Grand Old Party, is a nickname for the Republican Party of the United States.

GOP or Gop may also refer to:

Usage examples of "gop".

The town is essentially Republican: GOP registrations outnumber Democrats by more than two to one.

GOP Lincoln Day Dinner in Saginaw, where a Republican dressed as Uncle Sam will show up on 8Zfoot stilts and totter around the dim banquet hall through the whole thing and nearly crash into the network crews' riser several times and bug the hell out of everyone, and where the Twelve Monkeys will bribe or bullshit the headwaiter into seating them at a no-show table and feeding them supper while all the rest of the press corps has to stand in the back of the hall and try to help the slightly mad Economist guy cabbage breadsticks when nobody's looking.

Bush is a creature of his campaign advisors, and these advisors are the best that $70 million and the full faith and credit of the GOP Establishment can buy, and are not spoiled children but seasoned tactical pros, and if Bush2000 has gone Negative there must be solid political logic behind the move.

Nowadays, it's such a well-known political trademark that most people don't have much awareness of its original meaning, any more than folks once thought 'Grand Old Party' when they heard GOP.

All Congress's talk about health-care reform and a Patients' Bill of Rights, for example, McCain has said publicly is total bullshit because the GOP is in the pocket of HMO lobbies and the Democrats are funded and controlled by trial lawyers' lobbies, and it is in these backers' self-interest to see that the current insane U.

Fearing a November steamrolling by Jeb Bush and the GOP, Buddy MacKay, the Democratic gubernatorial front-runner, recently asked Lawrence (a registered independent) to consider joining the ticket as lieutenant governor.

Even before the votes were counted in New Hampshire, GOP strategists said Nixon had already gathered more than 600 of the 667 votes he would need to win the nomination.

GOP control of the Senate hung in the balance at the time and it wasn't a tough call.