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a. (obsolete spelling of good English)


Goode is a surname (pronounced in some families to rhyme with "mood" and in others to rhyme with "wood"). Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alex Goode (Born 1988), British rugby union player
  • Alexander D. Goode (1911-1943), US Army chaplain
  • Andy Goode (born 1980), British rugby union player
  • Charles Goode Australian businessman
  • Sir Charles Henry Goode (1827–1922) Australian merchant and philanthropist, founder of Goode, Durrant and Co.
  • Charles Rufus Goode (1844–1913), pastoralist and politician in South Australia
  • Chris Goode (born 1963), NFL Player 1987-1993 Indianapolis Colts
  • Clarence Goode (1875–1969) South Australian farmer and politician
  • Coleridge Goode (1914-2015), Jamaican British jazz musician
  • Daniel Goode (born 1936), American composer and clarinetist
  • David Goode (academic-related trade unionist) (born 1963), University of Cambridge
  • David Goode (organist) (born 1971), British organist
  • David Goode (sculptor) (born 1966), British sculptor
  • David R. Goode, retired CEO of Norfolk Southern Corporation
  • Elena Goode (born 1982), American actress who stars on the daytime soap As The World Turns
  • Erich Goode, American sociologist
  • George Brown Goode (1851–1896), American ichthyologist
  • Harry C. Goode Jr. (1938–2013), American politician
  • Harry H. Goode (1909-1960), American engineer
  • Harry King Goode (1892 - 1942), British World War I flying ace
  • Jeff Goode, American television show creator
  • Jamie Goode, British wine writer
  • Joanne Goode, former British badminton player
  • John Goode (1829–1909), American politician
  • John Paul Goode (1862–1932), American geographer
  • John J. Goode (born 1956), Irish shipping magnate
  • John W. Goode (1923-1994), American lawyer and Republican politician
  • Lynda Tolbert-Goode (born 1967), American hurdler
  • Malvin Russell Goode (born 1908), African-American television journalist
  • Mary Goode (born 1979), field hockey goalkeeper from Ireland
  • Matthew Goode (born 1978), British actor
  • Matthew Goode (1820 - 1901) founder of Matthew Goode and Co South Australian softgoods wholesaler
  • Milton Goode (born 1960), American high jumper
  • Patrick Gaines Goode (born 1798), American lawyer, and legislator
  • Paddy Paul Goode (born 1991), Irish Youth Football Player
  • Richard Goode (born 1943), American classical pianist
  • Roger Goode, South African DJ
  • Roy Goode (born 1933), British lawyer
  • Sarah E. Goode (born 1850), first African American woman to get a US patent
  • Virgil Goode (born 1946), American politician
  • W. Wilson Goode, Jr. (born 1965), Philadelphia City Councilman
  • Wilson Goode (born 1938), former Mayor of Philadelphia

William Henry Goode - ( born 1888 ). Stratford upon Avon. Warwickshire. WW1 veteran. Surviving both Somme and Ypres. Labourer. William Alfred Goode ( 1924 - 2015 ) son of William Henry. Royal Engineers ( Warwickshire regiment ). Served in Burma and Malaysia during WW2. One of the first British soldiers to set foot in Singapore after the Japanese surrender. Went on the be a respected Engineer. Working on Jodrell Bank Radio telescope construction. And many more. Mark William Goode - ( born 1973 ). Son of William Alfred.

Usage examples of "goode".

Now, goode father, I you mercy cry, Send me no more into none heatheness, But thank my lord here of his kindeness.

God give thee goode chance, And in virtue send thee continuance, For of thy speaking I have great dainty.

This younge monk, that was so fair of face, Acquainted was so with this goode man, Since that their firste knowledge began, That in his house as familiar was he As it is possible any friend to be.

I trowe certes that our goode man Hath you so laboured, since this night began, That you were need to reste hastily.

The harbormaster acknowledged the message and Goode replaced the radio handset.

Sir, I must heartily thank you for all your willingness and good affection to his Majesty's service, and particularly the sending alongs of your son, to who I will heave ane particular respect, hopeing also that you will still continue ane goode instrument for the advanceing ther of the King's service, for which, and all your former loyal carriages, be confident you shall find the effects of his Mas favour, as they can be witnessed you by Your very faithful friende, Montrose.

His brighte helm was his wonger, And by hym baiteth his dextrer Of herbes fyne and goode.

His goode steede al he bistrood, And forth upon his wey he glood As sparcle out of the bronde.

These instruments of destruction are carefully described: "Having prepared fortie or fiftie round-bellied earthen pots, and filled them with hand Gunpowder, then covered them with Pitch, mingled with Brimstone and Turpentine, and quartering as many Musket-bullets, that hung together but only at the center of the division, stucke them round in the mixture about the pots, and covered them againe with the same mixture, over that a strong sear-cloth, then over all a goode thicknesse of Towze-match, well tempered with oyle of Linseed, Campheer, and powder of Brimstone, these he fitly placed in slings, graduated so neere as they could to the places of these assemblies.

Goode men and wommen, o thyng warne I yow, If any wight be in this chirche now, That hath doon synne horrible, that he Dar nat for shame of it yshryven be, Or any womman, be she yong or old, That hath ymaad hir housbonde cokewold, Swich folk shal have no power ne no grace To offren to my relikes in this place.

The contrarie of al this is wilfulnesse: Why grucchen heere his cosyn and his wyf That goode Arcite, of chivalrie flour, Departed is with duetee and honour Out of this foule prisoun of this lyf?

And, for as muchel as this goode man, And eke this monk of which that I began, Were both the two y-born in one village, The monk *him claimed, as for cousinage,* *claimed kindred And he again him said not once nay, with him* But was as glad thereof as fowl of day.

And thus withinne a while his name is spronge Bothe of hise dedes and his goode tonge, That Theseus hath taken hym so neer That of his chambre he made hym a Squier, And gaf hym gold to mayntene his degree.

I am ty'd up in Shippes and Goodes, and cou'd not doe as you did, besides the Whiche my Farme at Patuxet hath under it What you Knowe, and wou'd not waite for my com'g Backe as an Other.

Goode announced inside the Carpe Diem, as if the restaurant's name applied to her.