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n. (context slang English) The perineum.


Gooch may refer to:

Usage examples of "gooch".

A picture of Gooch, the priest, the young boy and little girl who had driven away.

It was obvious that he was holding this Pen Cambridge and the kid and the Gooch woman as hostages.

Trent Summit, Pen and Teddy Cambridge, Gladys Gooch, or Cass Hinckley.

Squire Gooch shares our determination to convert the benighted Cajuns by whom he is surrounded.

You will depart immediately for Bayou-all, and rely on Squire Gooch to effect your infiltration among the Cajuns.

Squire Gooch somewhat less than cordially invited me to join the family at supper, which featured a dish called gumbo.

When Squire Gooch has been consumed by that other evil, I predict that the trumped-up Obeah will vanish as quickly as it was introduced.

Obeah to that region, I might have guessed at the very moment of my arrival at Bayou-all, when I first heard the grotesque name that had been foisted on the Gooch daughter.

I also realize, now, that the family cook could hardly have served up a sickening cat soup to Squire Gooch without serving it to all at table, so it took some connivance to have it set only before the squire.

By my halidom, Comrade Gooch, that gentleman whose name you are so shortly to tell us has a very fair idea of how to charge!

Comrade Gooch, but who shall predict how long so happy a state of things will last?

Remind me later, Comrade Gooch, to continue on the subject of fountain pens.

How would it be to drop Comrade Gooch through first, and so draw his fire?

Comrade Gooch reminded me of the untamed chamois of the Alps, leaping from crag to crag.

I would ask for the pleasure of your company also, Comrade Gooch, were it not that matters of private moment, relating to the policy of the paper, must be discussed at the table.