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Gomo (musician)

Gomo (Paulo Gouveia) is an indie pop musician from Portugal. He had two hits in 2004 in Portugal with "Feeling Alive", "I Wonder" and in 2009, "Final Stroke".


Gomo may refer to:

  • Chief Gomo, Pottawatomie chieftain
  • Gomo (musician), Portuguese Indie musician
  • Gomo, Tibet
  • Gomo (video game), a video game developed by Fishcow Games
  • Gomo Family Crest
Gomo (Potawatomi leader)

Chief Gomo ( Potawatomi: Masseno) (d. 1815) was a 19th-century Potawatomi chieftain. He and his brother Senachwine were among the more prominent war chiefs to fight alongside Black Partridge during the Peoria War.

Gomo (video game)

Gomo is a video game developed by Slovak company Fishcow Studio. It is a Point-and-click adventure game.