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Gomma (woreda)

Gomma is one of the woredas in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. It is named after the former Kingdom of Gomma, whose territory was roughly the same as the modern woreda. Part of the Jimma Zone, Gomma is bordered on the south by Seka Chekorsa, on the southwest by Gera, on the northwest by Setema, on the north by the Didessa River which separates it from the Illubabor Zone, on the northeast by Limmu Kosa, and on the east by Mana. Towns include Beshasha, Choche, Ghembe, and Limmu Shaye. Guma woreda was separated from Gomma.


Gomma may refer to:

  • the Kingdom of Gomma
  • Goema, a South African hand drum
  • A feature of ALGOL 68 allowing collateral execution of code.

Usage examples of "gomma".

That big blue guy with the nose, General Gomma whatever, said you almost drowned when we splashed down, but he pulled you out.