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Gomel ( Belarusian: , translit.: Homyel’, Łacinka: Homiel, , Russian: , translit.: Gomel, , , , , ) is the administrative centre of Gomel Voblast and the second-largest city in Belarus. It has a population of 515,325 (2013 census) and its area is 135.3 km.

Gomel (disambiguation)

Gomel is a city in Belarus.

Gomel may also refer to:

  • Gomel Region, a province (voblast) of Belarus
  • Gomel Governorate, an administrative division of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic from 1919 to 1926
  • FC Gomel, a Premier League football club based in the city
  • FC DSK Gomel, a First League football club based in the city
  • HC Gomel, an ice hockey club based in the city

Usage examples of "gomel".

The fifth day took them to Gomel, the sixth well past Chernigov, and they arrived in Kiev, not unduly fatigued, in time for luncheon on the seventh day, which Galina thought quite remarkable, and she consulted Igor about some extra payment to the jager for his efficiency, which appeared to cause Igor some amusement.

In the north, Gomel was taken at the end of November, and the upper reaches of the Dnieper crossed on each side of Mogilev.

From Gomel to the Black Sea the invaders were in full retreat, which did not end until they had been thrust across the Dniester, back into Rumania and Poland.