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Gombe may refer to:

  • Gombe, Gombe State, the capital of Gombe State, Nigeria
    • Gombe State, Nigeria
  • Gombe, Angola
  • Gombe, Butambala - The capital of Butambala District in Central Uganda
  • Gombe, Wakiso - A town in Wakiso District, Central Uganda
  • Gombe, Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Gömbe, a community in the Turkish Riviera
  • Gombe (dish), a traditional Norwegian dish
  • Gombey, a dance from Bermuda (sometimes spelt Gombe)
Gombe (dish)

Gombe is a traditional dish from Sogn og Fjordane in Norway. It is made from curdled unpasteurized milk which is boiled down with sugar for several hours. It is generally served with lefse.

Category:Fermented dairy products Category:Norwegian cuisine

Usage examples of "gombe".

He continued going over the map: Gombe, Ruaha, Iringa, Mbeya, Mtwara, Tarengire, Olduvai.

The people of Shiroro and Gombe in the east were evacuating to the Kainji Mountains, while those of Jalinga and Bakundi were heading downriver, away from the green growth.

Now, in the dinner theater of the Sambusai Sands, the Gombe Stream Chimps were reenacting one of the final episodes of the Joshua Kampa legend.

As the Gombe Stream Chimps initiated a tumbling exhibition, Dirk Akuj pushed back his chair and made a tactful half bow.

Jane Goodall, you know, was quite distressed when she realized the Gombe chimpanzees were showing more and more of the ugly traits of humans.

If the murder rate that Jane Goodall saw among the several dozen chimpanzees she studied in Gombe were extrapolated to New York City, for example, there would be over fifty thousand murders a year there.

He continued going over the map: Gombe, Ruaha, Iringa, Mbeya, Mtwara, Tarengire, Olduvai .

And think of the furore if Jane Goodall returned from Gombe stream with photographs of wild chimpanzees building their own houses, well roofed and insulated, of painstakingly selected stones neatly bonded and mortared!