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Etymology 1 alt. (context Ireland English) A foolish person. n. (context Ireland English) A foolish person. Etymology 2

n. (context Appalachian English) (alternative form of gum English) Etymology 3

interj. (lb en obsolete euphemistic) God!


GOM may refer to:

  • Konkani language's ISO 639-3 code
  • Gomshall railway station's National Rail station code
  • Good Old Mad or GOM, a reimplementation of the original 7090 MAD programming language
  • General Overseas Market
  • Gulf of Mexico, an ocean basin bordering on Mexico, the southern United States, and Cuba.
  • Group of Ministers, often abrivated as GoM in Indian media.

Usage examples of "gom".

This is graphically demonstrated in the test of the gom jabbar, as well as in other fantastic feats of psychological and physiological control, which are described throughout the book.

Possibly it was young Augustus Gom, a dyspeptic, and who had married a wife with a Roman nose, fierce blue eyes, and a mouth that was lipless.

Augustus Gom, like so many women of her type, had serious limitations.

In addition they did something they had hitherto avoided during the entire period of their 'collaboration' with the Goms: they commanded the Goms under threat of draconian punishment to seize the fugitives and hand them over to the Bios.

The Goms were an extremely important source of organic matter for the Aras, enabling them to breed their abominable test-tube products.