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Golubac ( Serbian Cyrillic: Голубац, ) is a village and municipality in north-eastern Serbia, on the right side of the Danube river. It is bordered by Romania to the east, Veliko Gradište to the west and Kučevo to the south. The population of the village is 1,655 and the population of the municipality is 8,161.

Golubac (mountain)

Golubac ( Serbian Cyrillic: Голубац) is a mountain in central Serbia, near the town of Guča. Its highest peak Stanojev vrh has an elevation of 733 meters above sea level.

Golubac (disambiguation)

Golubac may refer to:

  • Golubac, a village and municipality in Serbia.
  • Golubac (Mionica), a village in Serbia in Mionica municipality.
  • Golubac Fortress, a medieval fortified town in Serbia.
  • Golubac (mountain), a mountain in Serbia, near the town of Guča.
Golubac (Mionica)

Golubac is a village situated in Mionica municipality in Serbia.