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Gol may refer to:

Usage examples of "gol".

I found myself at the gol table, a featureless translucent slab, upon which he had piled his trail gear.

I hated the feel of the gol under my feet, the dark cloying scent that seemed to sweeten my tongue.

As naked as she, I stood before her, taller, finer, and with his chald of couchbond, upon which was strung a fortune in gol drops, at my waist.

And then the song was gone, and the pulse also, and I sat up in the dimmed keep to see the stars and the new moon rising, and the dharen, silent, leaning over the gol table in the near-dark.

Keepress, and when they came together after a lengthy separation, he gave her a blade, the match of his own, with such a gol drop embedded in the hilt.

Down by the lake he guided me, along the promenade, settling finally upon one of the white gol benches.

Laegair mac Gol of Tir Edgain died on the instant of a crushed skull, far from his home in Ailech of Eirrin.

Compact took effect, trapping the planet of Gol Goth in deathless splendor.

The alien intelligence called the Children of Gol Goth had been unrecognizable to the First Emigration until it began to speak through the mouths of human dead.

To be a smith in Port Edward, or any town on the world of Gol Goth, was an occupation fraught with risk and dubious practices.

Somewhere, under earthen mounds or perhaps beneath the water, the children of men grow in silence, hosts to the Children of Gol Goth.

In the flickering shadows of the library they could be legendary Gold, treasure of some space captain trapped on Gol Goth after the Evacuation.

I am a fair horseman, can read English well and Arabic poorly, though I know none of the other languages of Gol Goth.

But in the spring of 1988, Gol was made the Israeli Consul General in Rio de Janeiro and he had to sell his car before he left the country.

You or any one else can send in a tender for all unoccupied land between the boundaries of Banya and Gol Gol, Lower Warroo.