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n. (plural of goitre English)

Usage examples of "goitres".

The goitres snorted himself to alertness, and the male model stretched himself, cat-like, and produced a very sleepy smile that would never have sold anything.

He left the glass booth, and the man with goitres who had been fretting outside the door all this while rushed in and began to speak excitedly into the telephone in a language that resembled Bulgarian.

As soon as the man with goitres left her, the tweedy woman in the Tyrolean hat gestured more emphatically for his attention.

The tweedy woman was never again at the restaurant, but her companion, the man with goitres, was often there.

The goitres would leave his table just as promptly as he came to his, and on this particular afternoon, having nothing better to observe, he had watched the goitres making his way purposefully toward the steps of the church.

Shortly after he had gone in at the door two other men, both as lacking in the external signs of piety as the goitres, followed him inside.

There were no other doors but the one he had come in at, which he had been watching constantly since the goitres and the two other men had entered.

The goitres was more afraid, at last, of the consequences of neglected duty.