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vb. (eye dialect of going English)


Goin may refer to:

  • Goin (grape) or Gouais blanc, a grape varietal
  • Goin, Moselle, France
  • Goins (surname)
  • Goin (artist)

Usage examples of "goin".

And even if it was Evelyn he aint goin to give you no lunch at no seven oclock in the mornin.

They git on to the fust poplar hobbyhoss whitch trots along, not carin a sent whether the beest is even goin, clear sited and sound or spavined, blind and bawky.

Since then, the only place the Catholics and the Baptists talk to each other is in the Letters column of our little weekly paper, where they rave and rant and tell each other they're goin to hell.

An then one day I got a letter from the Internal Revenue Service, says I ain't paid my bidness taxes an they is fixin to shut me down an take all the boats an buildins an all, an when I went over there to see what was goin on, lo an behole, ain't nothin goin on!

Ah couldnae hav been lookin whate ah wiz goin coz a giv ma heid a terribil dunt on some ded low doorway.

In the den, Rory Calhoun yelled, 'You ain't goin nowhere, you sowbelly Yankee!

Son, not everbody thinks that life on a cattle ranch in west Texas is the second best thing to dyin and goin to heaven.

  Shakers was all goin kerslap to the Promist Land, and nobody want goin to stand at the gate to bar 'em out, if they did they'd git run over.

Otto, Goin, the Count, and Divine were talking in low voices near one of the oil stoves: Divine, not surprisingly, was there not in the capacity of a contributor to the conversation but as a bartender for he was laying out glasses and bottles under Otto's fussy direction.

And when it took you home after school, there was none of this nonsense of grabbing some refried beans and goin off to haul rock and brush for the goddam road crew for fifty cents a week, Ill tell you that.

But by this time we was undefeated the entire season an was goin to play for the National Championship at the Orange Bowl against them corn shuckers from Nebraska.

They get us bayed up out here somewheres with the horses give out they're goin to have to come over the barrel of this rifle.

Our esteemed employer, Otto Gerran, cannot speak too highly of his fellow directors, Heissman, Stryker, Goin, and his dear daughter, all of whom he vilifies most fearfully the moment they are out of earshot, all of which would be wholly unforgivable were it not for the fact that Heissman, Goin, Stryker, and his dear daughter each behave in the same fashion to Otto and their co-directors.

I meen, I new Id wake up in thi Iball ov thi septentrynal gargoil Rosbrith sooner or later, but I thot I woz goin 2 die in heer, & thats a helluva fing 2 take back 2 yoor waitin mind.