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vb. (archaic spelling of go English)

GOE (Brazil)

Grupo de Operações Especiais ( Portuguese for Special Operations Group), mostly known by its acronymGOE, is the elite arm of the Civil Police of the state of São Paulo, Brazil. It is comparable to Rio de Janeiro's CORE.

Usage examples of "goe".

Eline behoefde het hem niet te verzekeren, dat zij onder dit schrijven geleden had, als zij niet wist, dat iemand lijden kon: hij las dat in elk dier woorden, die van tranen schenen te vloeien, elk dier woorden, die elk een nieuwe smart in zijn ziel goten.

Even the boulders down there, that old Godden thought had been washed up by the Flood, never showed you what queer shapes they had, and let you feel close to them, unless you were thinking of nothing else.

There was the waggonette moving from the door, old Godden driving, luggage piled up beside him, and the Stormers sitting opposite each other in the carriage.

And soone when thou goest to sleepe, and when shee bringeth you gently into thy chamber, and tenderly layeth thee downe in thy bed, and lovingly covereth thee, and kisseth thee sweetly, and departeth unwillingly, and casteth her eyes oftentimes backe, and stands still, then hast thou a good occasion ministred to thee to prove and try the mind of Fotis.

He rides triumphant, spurning the dim Earth-- Whither, O whither goest thou?

Dry Tree, who dwell in the Castle of the Scaur, who shall be thy masters if thou goest thither.

Tom went to the door, thinking, Be strong and of a good courage, be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee, whithersoever thou goest.

I thinkest that thou goest to thy death tomorrow I have brought thee aside to speak with thee.

Here thy shape To squeeze like an intoxicating grape - I might, and yet thou goest safe, supreme.

Thou lonesome one, thou goest the way of the creating one: a God wilt thou create for thyself out of thy seven devils!

Thou lonesome one, thou goest the way of the loving one: thou lovest thyself, and on that account despisest thou thyself, as only the loving ones despise.

Next the wild herds bound over the glad pastures and swim the rapid rivers: in such wise each made prisoner by thy charms follows thee with desire, whither thou goest to lead it on.

Hittit was of another time, a white horsday where the midril met the bulg, sbogom, roughnow along about the first equinarx in the cholonder, on the plain of Khorason as thou goest from the mount of Bekel, Steep Nemorn, elve hundred and therety and to years how the krow flees end in deed, after a power of skimiskes, blodidens and godinats of them, when we sight the beasts, (hegheg whatlk of wraimy wetter!