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Goddard, KS -- U.S. city in Kansas
Population (2000): 2037
Housing Units (2000): 698
Land area (2000): 2.432282 sq. miles (6.299581 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.010872 sq. miles (0.028159 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 2.443154 sq. miles (6.327740 sq. km)
FIPS code: 26725
Located within: Kansas (KS), FIPS 20
Location: 37.659706 N, 97.574271 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 67052
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Goddard, KS
Goddard, MD -- U.S. Census Designated Place in Maryland
Population (2000): 5554
Housing Units (2000): 2210
Land area (2000): 2.382803 sq. miles (6.171430 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 2.382803 sq. miles (6.171430 sq. km)
FIPS code: 33812
Located within: Maryland (MD), FIPS 24
Location: 38.986389 N, 76.852932 W
ZIP Codes (1990):
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Goddard, MD
Goddard (crater)

Goddard is a lunar crater that is located along the eastern limb of the Moon, and so is visible from the edge from Earth. It is best viewed during favorable librations when the orientation of the Moon brings it further into sight. The crater is located in the Mare Marginis, to the northeast of the prominent crater Neper. Ibn Yunus, a crater remnant, is attached to the southeastern rim, and is partly overlaid by Goddard. To the northeast is Al-Biruni.

The rim of Goddard has nearly been destroyed along the southern edge, and the interior floor is connected to the surrounding mare through gaps in this section of the wall. The remainder of the rim is significantly eroded and worn, leaving only a ring of rugged ground surrounding the inner floor.

The floor of the crater has been resurfaced in the past by lava floods, leaving the interior nearly flat and featureless. There is no central peak, and only a few tiny craterlets mark the surface. The most prominent of these is a matched pair of small craterlets in the south-southwest part of the floor.

This feature is named after the pioneering rocket scientist Robert H. Goddard.


Goddard may refer to:

Goddard (Hampshire cricketer)

Goddard (first name and years of existence lost to history) was an English professional cricketer.

He was mainly associated with Hampshire and he made six known appearances in first-class matches from 1803 to 1808.

Goddard (surname)

Goddard is a surname of Norman origin, found in England and France. It is derived from the personal name "Golhard". Recorded variants include Godard and Godart in England; Goudard and Godar in France; Gotthard, Godehard and Goddert in Germany; and Goedhard and Goedhart in Holland.

The surname Goddard may refer to:

Usage examples of "goddard".

Although the whole notion of the use of deep barbiturate sedation as a treatment had been dismissed as dangerous and ineffective by its pioneer Dr William Sargant in the fifties, Ambrose Goddard was convinced it could repair broken minds.

Susann Brailey, Jean Hobday, Cassie Goddard, Linda Hayes, Jill Shalvis, Wendy Chen, Jean Brashear, Carmen Ardura, and Leanne Banks.

Are you, or are you not, the Jason Goddard I sneaked off to Mite Hockey when you were too young to blow your own nose?

Steve Goddard, an Andersen partner, brought along a number of other accountants, including a young graduate from Texas AM named David Duncan, who was working on the Cactus deals.

Steve Goddard pulled out a pen as a group of Andersen accountants took their seats.

She walked across the fields to Little Farthing, where she found Fiona Goddard weeding her rockery.

But the last slanting rays of gold fell on the willows by the river bank, and Joyce stood for a long time, looking across the hedge and the meadow, thinking of the river and of Little Farthing on the other side of it where her new friend Fiona Goddard lived.

Leaphorn told Goddard what he knew about the Carl Mankin Visa card, how it had been recovered and how quickly control of the case had shifted from Farmington to Washington.

Goddard to be a liar who has perjured himself to try to get you hanged.

Since 1990, Stephen Goddard at Andersen had overseen Enron-meeting the board, reviewing deals, auditing financials.

And Doctor Goddard stood before her now, his bowler hat a little crooked, his smile so reassuring, his suitcase again filled with shiny bottles of Horsehoof Balm.

Techs at Goddard FCC think they can upload into one of the slates a program that will substitute for the damaged computer, but Mariella tells them not to bother.

I owe a great debt, especially those at Langley, Wallops, Ames, Houston, Huntsville, Goddard and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

My search for Abbas, who I hadn't seen since the evening he marinated Spam with lemon juice, led me to the Valley of Sleep Funeral Home and Burial Park, near the Goddard Space Flight Center.

With her unique psychology and abilities, Nixie would spend time working with Danchekker and others at Goddard, and after that would go to Thurien to assist Eesyan and his scientists with their further researches on the Entoverse.