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Gobin may refer to:

  • Gabriel Gobin (1903–1998), Belgian film actor
  • Gobin de Reims (Reins) was a thirteenth-century trouvère, probably from Reims
  • John P. S. Gobin (1837–1910), officer in the Union Army during the Civil War
  • John Gobin (polo), American polo player.
  • Sewram Gobin (born 1983), Mauritian footballer
  • The surname used by Hindu people of Indian decent in former European Colonies, such as Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname, the Caribbean, Fiji, South Africa and Mauritius. It is derived from Gobind, Gobinda, Govind, or Govinda, which is another name for Krishna. In India it is used as a first name, but the descendants of the indentured laborers in the European Colonies used their fathers' first name as their surname.