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a. (context slang English) Having the characteristics of goat.

Usage examples of "goatly".

This notion of majors and vocations was not easy for me to understand: Brickett Ranunculus had been a stud -- that is, a major as it were in the impregnation of nannies -- but his excellence in this line was a feature of his goatly magnificence in general, just as Mary Appenzeller's record milk-yield was of hers.

The present practice in West-Campus colleges was for the strongest and nimblest young men from each quadrangle -- generally the winners of athletic competitions held in conjunction with the Carnival -- to fling themselves against the Turnstile, bleating in what they took to be goatly fashion, while the new registrants and spectators cheered them on and a figure dressed to represent the Dean o' Flunks endeavored to block their way.

Indeed, I privately resolved to seek them out, once I'd proclaimed myself, and enlist them among my first Tutees, as they were beyond doubt the goatliest of undergraduates.