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Go-oo (also Go-Open Office; previously called ooo-build) was an office suite which started as a set of patches for, then later became an independent fork of with a number of enhancements, sponsored by Novell.

ooo-build was started in 2003. The domain name was being used by 2005. The first separate release of Go-oo was 2.3.0, in October 2007. Go-oo was discontinued in favour of LibreOffice in September 2010.

Go-oo had better support for the Microsoft Office OOXML file formats than, including write support, as well as other enhancements that had not been accepted upstream. Many free software advocates worried that Go-oo was a Novell effort to incorporate Microsoft technologies that might be vulnerable to patent claims. The hybrid PDF export ( PDF that includes original source documents), Sun Presentation Minimizer, and other functionalities were directly available in Go-oo.

The package branded "" in many popular Linux distributions was in fact Go-oo, not the upstream code.