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go-go dancer
▪ Thousands of people became millionaires during the go-go 1980s.
▪ We've invested in several go-go medical stocks.
▪ Budapest has the go-go feel of a city on the move and fine restaurants to match.
▪ Our sense of history in this go-go society is fragile.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1964, "fashionable," from slang the go "the rage" (1962); see go. First appearance of go-go dancer is from 1965.


a. 1 Of, or relating to this style of music. 2 Of, or relating to the style of music played at discotheques. 3 fast and lively. n. (context music English) A style of funk music from the 1970s.


Go-go is a popular music subgenre associated with funk that originated in the Washington, D.C., area during the mid-1960s to late-1970s. It remains primarily popular in the area as a uniquely regional music style. A great number of bands contributed to the early evolution of the genre, but the Young Senators, Black Heat, and singer-guitarist Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers are credited with having developed most of the hallmarks of the style.

Inspired by artists such as the groups mentioned above, go-go is a blend of funk, rhythm and blues, and early hip-hop, with a focus on lo-fi percussion instruments and funk-style jamming in place of dance tracks, although some sampling is used. As such, it is primarily a dance hall music with an emphasis on live audience call and response. Go-go rhythms are also incorporated into street percussion.

In technical terms, "Go-go's essential beat is characterized by a syncopated, dotted rhythm that consists of a series of quarter and eighth notes (quarter, eighth, quarter, (space/held briefly), quarter, eighth, quarter)... which is underscored most dramatically by the bass drum and snare drum, and the hi-hat... [and] is ornamented by the other percussion instruments, especially by the conga drums, timbales, and hand-held cowbells."

Unique to go-go is an instrumentation with 3 standard Congas and 2 "Junior Congas", 8" and 9" wide and about half as tall as the standard Congas, a size rare outside of go-go. They were introduced to Rare Essence by Tyrone Williams -aka- Jungle Boogie in the early days when they couldn't afford enough full sized Congas, and are ubiquitous ever since. A swing rhythm is often implied (if not explicitly stated).

Go-Go (Alphabeat song)

"Go-Go" was the fourth single released by Alphabeat. It was introduced on the international edition of their first album, but was not released as a single outside of Denmark.

It features backing vocals by girl band The Real Heat.

Usage examples of "go-go".

Flats, heels, high heels, platforms, pumps, toe shoes, slippers, clogs, sling backs, loafers, moccasins, wedgies, oxfords, saddle oxfords, sneakers, sandals, go-go boots, Beatles boots, Birkenstocks, mules, Wallabees, granny boots, thongs, flip-flops, Timberlands, desert boots, Docksiders, cycling shoes, track shoes, huaraches, scuba flippers, wing tips, riding boots, Top-siders, espadrilles, high tops, golf shoes, stilettos, bowling shoes, snowshoes, clown shoes, Capezios, spikes, orthopedics, bucks, wading boots, ballet slippers, harem slippers, Japanese geta, Mary Janes, Hush Puppies, hiking boots, sabots, tap shoes, and galoshes.

There were no religious icons, family shots, or photos on his corkboard, except for a Polaroid, taken from an evidence file, of a local go-go keyboardist and murder suspect fucking a young female from behind, smiling as he stared into the camera.

These go-go Gothamites about to start their frantic day all seemed to need a frantic tennis session to prepare them for the Game Out There.

Russell gave of his all unstintingly and Julie, for her part, responded in a manner that only an ex-contortionist go-go dancing sex aid demonstrator truly can.

Should she be tailored and professional looking when she knows said future mother-in-law is fond of a former Miss Swamp who undoubtedly wears bangles, bustiers, and white patent go-go boots?

They later married, settling in Brooklyn Heights, where Patsy took belly dancing lessons and where her white go-go boots finally got the attention they deserved.

We're in this glass and brass go-go cage dance party to the stars.

The relative brightness of the strip of Mill Road leading out of town was the product of that era when stocks went go-go and gas was still cheap and nobody had heard the term 'discretionary income' because they had plenty of it.

You have go-go bars, massage parlors, cocktail lounges, escort services, etc.

Black fishnet stockings, vinyl miniskirt, black go-go boots, and a black lace bra underneath a fishnet shirt.

Beverly Marsh in a short skirt which showed most of her long, coltish legs, a Beverly Marsh in white go-go boots, her hair parted in the middle and ironed?

I want to dance the frug on a TWA commuter flight go-go dance party to the moon where cool dudes and chicks do the mash potato under zero gravity and eat delicious snack pills.

Then, just as Ray was trying to get his head around the connection, the door of the Buddhist center opened again and out charged what looked like a river otter in a sequined minidress and go-go boots, bent on attacking Audrey’s ankles with a pair of scissors.

Over dinner one night at a quiet Japanese restaurant in Patpong, sandwiched between two go-go bars, he told me about the spread of sexually transmitted disease.