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GMV may refer to:

  • GMV Innovating Solutions, a diversified aerospace business headquartered in Spain
  • Gross Merchandise Volume, a metric used by online retailers and auction sites to track the value of transactions
  • Guaranteed Minimum Value, a parameter of the datasheet of some industrial components
  • Ground Mobility Vehicle (Humvee variant), a derivative of the Humvee used by SOCOM
  • Ground Mobility Vehicle (proposed vehicle), a project by the US Army to field a truck, formerly known as the Ultra Light Combat Vehicle (ULCV)
  • Grey matter volume, in biology, a measure of brain volume
  • Gram Molecular Volume, 22.4 liters, typical volume of one gram-molecular-weight of gas at Standard Temperature and Pressure
  • The former callsign of VTV, a TV station in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia
  • The specimen code for the collection of the Geological Museum of China


  • Greenwich Millennium Village, a residential area on the Greenwich peninsula in South East London
  • Grill Music Venue, a nightclub based in Letterkenny, Republic of Ireland