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n. (plural of gm English); grams.

GMS (music group)

GMS (also known as the Growling Mad Scientists) is a Dutch psychedelic trance duo which has attained significant popularity from the early 1990s to the present time (2010). Formed by Shajahan Matkin (also known as Riktam) and Joseph Quinteros (also known as Bansi) in the city of Amsterdam, located in the west of The Netherlands, the duo has attracted a large international fanbase. GMS founded Spun Records in 1999, the first psychedelic trance label in the United States and Ibiza, Spain.

In 2008, GMS left Spun Records to further concentrate on their own careers and had created in 2009 a new label to release all of their music from their own various bands called Starbox Music.

They have sold over 350.000 copies worldwide. Director Tony Scott used GMS tracks in his films Man on Fire, Domino and Unstoppable.

GMS won the Psy-Trance award twice (in 2001 and 2009) at the DJ Awards in Ibiza, Spain.

GMS (software)

GMS (Groundwater Modeling System) is a complete program for building and simulating groundwater models. It features 2D and 3D geostatistics, stratigraphic modeling and a unique conceptual model approach. Currently supported models include MODFLOW, MODPATH, MT3DMS, RT3D, FEMWATER, SEEP2D, and UTEXAS.

Version 6 introduced the use of XMDF (eXtensible Model Data Format), which is a compatible extension of HDF5. The purpose of this is to allow internal storage and management of data in a single HDF file, rather than using many flat files.


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He looks at the board and recalculates what the GMs with the next five picks will do.