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GMAC may refer to:

  • GMAC, the General Motors Acceptance Corporation, now Ally Financial.
  • GMAC Insurance
  • GMAC Real Estate
  • GMAC ResCap (Residential Capital), which includes GMAC Mortgage and online home lender Ditech
  • The Graduate Management Admission Council, an international association of business schools.
  • GMAC, an authentication-only variant of Galois/Counter_Mode for symmetric key cryptographic block ciphers
  • GMAC, Giga Multiply-ACcumulate operations (GMACs : Giga Multiply-ACcumulate operations per second)
  • A nickname for Northern Irish professional Golfer Graeme McDowell

It may also refer to:

  • The GMAC Bowl, a sponsored game of college level American football, now known as the Bowl.
  • GMA Canada is the Gospel Music Association of Canada (formerly the CGMA)
  • The GMAC massacre, a shooting in Florida in 1990.

The term, when rendered as G-MAC, can also refer to:

  • The Great Midwest Athletic Conference, a U.S. college athletic conference established in 2011 and starting competition in 2012.