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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Glyptodont \Glyp"to*dont\, n. (Paleon.) One of a family ( Glyptodontid[ae]) of extinct South American edentates, of which Glyptodon is the type. About twenty species are known.


n. Any extinct South American edentate of the family ''Glyptodontidae''


Glyptodontinae (Glyptodont) are an extinct subfamily of large, heavily armored armadillos.

Usage examples of "glyptodont".

I took a blow to the stomach from the spiked tail of a full-grown female glyptodont protecting its young.

Emily thought that the world had seen nothing like it since the South American glyptodont had died out millennia before, if then.

Yet today, pteranodons and gomphotheres and glyptodonts did not appeal.

There were still glyptodonts, not so dissimilar from the huge armored beast that had terrified Roamer, and the top predators were giant flightless birds, just as in archaic times.

One of the most spectacular pre-industrial extinction events was that of the Pleistocene megafauna -- the saber-toothed cats, mammoths, dire wolves, giant ground sloths, glyptodonts, and all those other animals familiar from museum dioramas.

There, too, he found fossils, including the head of a giant armadillo-like glyptodont.

And it had been weirdly appropriate for the setting—as much so as the vanished saber-tooths that had perished with the glyptodonts and mastodons not long after the first humans came through this way.