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n. (plural of glyph English)

Usage examples of "glyphs".

His attention was fixed on a single image, floating overhead, at the apex of the cone of light and noise: flickering market glyphs from the port computers spun in delicate linkage, legitimate public numbers and private taps combined into a single database, strings of numbers combined into a dazzling three-dimensional shape that had a weird organic beauty all its own.

A red light flashed instead, and glyphs filled the smaller, monitor screen.

On the screen, glyphs changed shape, queries smoothing into acknowledgment as the VDIRT systems found the data they required and forged the links between them.

A chime sounded and glyphs flashed, warning her that any charges from this node were her personal responsibility.

Barjin has placed warding glyphs on the flask, so that it might be opened only by an innocent?

While the Edificant Library was always open to scholars of all nonevil sects, warding glyphs had been placed over every known entrance to protect against those not invited-persons, such as Barjin, dedicated to the spread of chaos and misery.

Rap Sheet itself, which relic was guarded by bizarre glyphs and wards, the which could only be dispelled by great magic.

Think you it is not guarded by fell wards and gruesome glyphs, guardian daemons and the like?

Even without the glyphs and symbols that decorated the walls and ceiling, she would have known it was here that Kel practiced his sorceries.

At the bottom he carefully avoided the glyphs as he set his foot on the ground.

Then, realizing they had interrupted the conjuration before it was complete, he crossed the chamber and rubbed his bootheel across the outermost circle and through one of the glyphs, smearing them.

It took magic of great power to force open the Tower door, with its intertwined glyphs, layers of active enchantments, and the runes set into its frame and graven on its hinges.