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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Glumly \Glum"ly\, adv. In a glum manner; sullenly; moodily.


adv. in a glum manner


adv. in a sullen manner; "he sat in his chair dourly" [syn: dourly, sullenly]

Usage examples of "glumly".

Glumly he dug the large bottle out of his pocket, pried off the lid, and poured a fistful of antacid tablets into his palm.

He glumly watched the two bondswomen scurry from tables to bar, serving up drinks, half-heartedly and with high giggles avoiding the searching hands that reached out to them.

Sometimes he reflected glumly on the botchery he had made of his career, for which no one-he admitted candidly-was to blame except himself.

Elisha, sitting on the bench next to Cher, looked glumly at her can of pop and just shook her head.

About thirteen hours before blast-off time I was staring glumly into a screen at the swarm of Gabblers when I sensed someone beside me.

GLUMLY, Vic Marquette surveyed the sprawled body of Juke, which was quite as dead as two others that the crooks had left on the field.

Wiiin and the Khagggun Wing had decamped the highland slopes south of Stone Border, glumly wending their way back whence they had come.

She bustled on down the hall, taffeta skirts crackling, and I moved glumly up the stairs.

The pangolin had rolled to its feet and was shrugging itself off, watching after them glumly.

Quark settled his hand protectively upon his own pile of latinum, and turned to Steyn, leaning glumly on the bar.

They climbed beneath the bedcovers glumly yet gamely, determined to salvage what they could in the face of their differences.

She looked at Gujar, who was leaning against the railing of the curving stair, gazing glumly into space.

STARED GLUMLY at the intercom grille for several minutes, then reached out and pressed one of the studs below it.

As Tobas saw them all silently departing after the fire died, he realized glumly that he could not say a single one, old, young, or in between, had come out of honest friendship or sympathy for either the dead wizard, or for himself, the surviving apprentice.

Nim thought glumly: The soft approach, excessive worrying about an elusive public image, pussyfooting, never standing up to the Birdsongs of the world by employing their own tough tactics in reverse -all these were the order of the day.