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Glugea is a genus of microsporidian parasites, predominantly infecting fish.

Species include

  • Glugea anomala
  • Glugea atherinae
  • Glugea capverdensis - a parasite of the fish Myctophum punctatum
  • Glugea caulleryi - a parasite of the greater sand eel Hyperoplus lanceolatus (a teleost fish)
  • Glugea heraldi - a parasite of the seahorse Hippocampus erectus
  • Glugea hertwigi - a parasite of the smelts Osmerus eperlanus and Osmerus mordax
  • Glugea merluccii - a parasite of the fish Merluccius hubbsi
  • Glugea plecoglossi
  • Glugea shiplei - a parasite of fish of the genus Trisopterus
  • Glugea stephani - a parasite of the winter flounder Pseudopleuronectes americanus (a pleuronectid flatfish)
  • Glugea vincentiae - a parasite of the Australian marine teleost fish, Vincentia conspersa
  • Glugea weissenbergi

Glugea americanus may be better placed in Spraguea