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The Collaborative International Dictionary

glued \glued\ adj.

  1. affixed with glue or paste.

    Syn: pasted, stuck to(predicate).

  2. having the attention so concentrated as to be difficult to cause a person to leave; as, glued to the television set; The audience was glued to their seats. [metaphorical]

    Syn: riveted.


vb. (en-past of: glue)


adj. affixed or as if affixed with glue or paste; "he stayed glued to one spot"; "pieces of pasted paper" [syn: pasted]

Usage examples of "glued".

There would be shredded paper bedding in the crates as well as food and water—and each victim would wear a contact-button glued to the spine between the shoulder blades with surgical adhesive.

Triv cried, straining backward in his seat, his eyes glued on the water rushing to meet them.

The items had been glued to the surface by some gummy substance that had long since hardened.

Paper was laid in a soft bed over the entire floor, and the unconscious woman rolled onto it, with the contact-button glued to her back.

Anyway, Zara seemed oblivious to Morag's taunting, for her gaze was glued to the screen, her expressive face tender.

Bunny remained glued to the viewscreen, watching Petaybee shrink into a tiny point of light in the vastness of black space.

Her eyes felt glued together and she had to fight with her eyelashes to part her lids.

He had been in the KDL's bridge, his eyes glued to the incredible astronautic event delineated on the detection screen.

Sandy Areson had fixed up cheek pads for Zainal and several rather nasty-looking scars that could be glued on his face--she instructed Kris on the process.

He was not likely to forget the joy on her face as she had directed Brian and Simon just where her heirloom chest--once more glued together since its dismemberment for the Second Crossing--should be placd.

Wansor seconded his Craftmaster, his eyes glued to the piece as he slowly swung it across the night sky.

The harp-back design could be easily transported in sections to her hold and then glued together.

He grabbed the bloodfish by its head and tried to dislodge it but it seemed glued to the dolphin's side.

With one blow he crushed his pipe under his heel, and all at once deer, birds, trees, water and the glued man-woman vanished.

The old crone had taken her lighted grate and burrowed into the yard, where she stood glued to the trunk of the male cypress.