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vb. (context ambitransitive English) To flow or cause to flow in a noisy series of spurts, as when liquid is emptied through the narrow neck of a bottle.


Glück (transliterated Glueck) is the surname of:

  • Alois Glück (born 1940), German politician
  • Bernard Glueck (disambiguation), several people with this name
  • Christian Friedrich von Glück (1755–1831), German jurist
  • Eleanor Glueck (1898–1972), American criminologist and wife of Sheldon Glueck
  • George Glueck (born 1950), German music producer and artist manager
  • Gustav Glück (1871–1952), Austrian art historian
  • Helen Iglauer Glueck (1907–1995), American physician
  • Johann Ernst Glück (1652–1705), German translator and Lutheran theologian
  • Larry Glueck (born 1941), American football (NFL) defensive back
  • Louise Glück (born 1943), American poet
  • Nelson Glueck (1900–1971), American rabbi, academic and archaeologist
  • Sheldon Glueck (1896–1980), Polish American criminologist
  • Wolfgang Glück (born 1929), Austrian film director and screenwriter

Gluck may refer to:

  • Gluck (card game)
  • Gluck (crater), a crater on Mercury
  • Gluck (painter) (1895–1978), British painter (birth name Hannah Gluckstein)
  • Alma Gluck (Reba Feinsohn) (1884–1938), a Romanian-US soprano
  • Barbara Gluck (born 1938), American photographer
  • Ben Gluck, American animation director
  • Carol Gluck (born 1941), American historian of modern Japan
  • Christoph Willibald Gluck (1714–1787), one of the most important opera composers of the Classical music era
  • Earle J. Gluck (1900–1972), American radio pioneer
  • Edgar Gluck (born 1936), rabbi in Galicia
  • Errol Gluck, American hypnotist
  • Frederick Gluck (born 1935), American management consultant
  • Henry Gluck (born 1929), American business executive and philanthropist from Los Angeles, California.
  • Herschel Gluck, British rabbi
  • Jay Gluck (1927–2000), American archaeologist and art historian
  • Louis Gluck (1924–1997), American neonatologist
  • Malcolm Gluck, British wine writer
  • Mark A. Gluck, American professor of neuroscience
  • Maxwell Henry Gluck (1899-1984), American businessman, diplomat, thoroughbred horsebreeder and philanthropist.
  • Michael Gluck (born 1983), American pianist
  • Peter L. Gluck, American architect
  • Rita Buglass Gluck, US writer
  • Robert Gluck (born 1955), American pianist and composer
  • Salomon Gluck (1914–1944), French physician and member of the French Resistance
  • Themistocles Gluck (1853–1942), German physician
  • Will Gluck, American film director, screenwriter, and producer
  • 7624 Gluck, a main-belt asteroid
Gluck (painter)

Gluck (Hannah Gluckstein, 13 August 1895 – 10 January 1978) was a British painter.

Gluck (crater)

Gluck is a crater on Mercury. It has a diameter of 105 kilometers. Its name was adopted by the International Astronomical Union in 1979. Gluck is named for the Austrian composer Christoph Willibald Gluck, who lived from 1714 to 1787.

Usage examples of "gluck".

Failsafe done for loitering outside that shop Gluck pinched in Chelsea.

Colette made Arthur put up the Chelsea business and the manor, guarantee Gluck a loan.

I deliberately avoided mention of Dieter Gluck, just chatted, drifted, listening, listening.

When Sorbo asked Gluck for payment, that Bern duffed him up then windowed them as his own work.

Just my luck to have a film crew interview Gluck just as I got to the sting.

I am wanting ways to kill - no, I mean restrain - the homicidal Gluck, and I get the biography of a frond?

So two rich reasons existed for Gluck to snaffle this unprepossessing chunk.

Kindly, Dieter Gluck took me by the elbow and walked me down to the London Hospital Tavern on Ludgate Hill.

It takes a coward like me, scared from an encounter with Dieter Gluck, to feel fright.

If Billia and Dang were running scared from Gluck, then this odd couple might well be my best allies.

Leaving, I hoped whoever Dieter Gluck had trailing me could take a decent photo, and that my stalker was good enough.

Or, evil thought, had Gluck somehow got wind of my treble-bluff and somehow got to Wrinkle?

The one worry still nagging away was whether Dieter Gluck knew Sturffie.

He knew Chinese antique furniture, touched the wood with reverence, glanced at Gluck as if to ask him how on earth such superb genuine pieces had got here.

Dieter Gluck to rescue for the nation, and if I failed to provide him with a selection of genuine antique Chinese furniture pieces so he could make a fortune, then Mortimer, Colette, and me would go to the wall.