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vb. (en-third-person singular of: glow)

Usage examples of "glows".

Keff ducked a squadron of the small glows, then skillfully parried a chop from one of the hoods wielding a machete.

Although the stairway was lit by dying glows, there was enough illumination for Paulin and the arresting Lords, Ladies and Leaders.

To their surprise, the room was brightly lit, glows shining from wall sconces so that the sleeping figures in the massive fur-covered bed were quite visible.

The smell of roasted meats and warm evening air, of dust and pungent glows, and wine reinforced all prospect of entertainment.

Moreta gasped at the audacity and hadn't time to think of her verse before the darkness around them was relieved by the glows surrounding the High Reaches Bowl.

The apprentices were not above sticking bright glows into the Harper Hall watchwher's lair to make the light-sensitive creature cry.

She made out the stocky figure of Lytol, a handbasket of glows held high above his head.

T'ron might have put out a basket of glows, F'lar thought irritably, and then caught himself.

The light of the glows on the wall cast unflattering shadows on the Oldtimer's heavy, lined face.

Their passage churned up the dust, further dimming the glows, but ahead was a sliver of light.

As they got closer and their glows augmented the outside light, Jaxom could make out the end of the corridor just beyond the fissure of the slot.

Instead, above him was a curving roof of stone, its expanse sparkling from the full basket of glows in its center.

The stars were brilliant in the soft black spring sky, and the glows on the lower levels threw bright circles of light on the sands.

There were glows along the crown of the Weyr rim and, beyond the Star Stones, the silhouettes of several dragons.

She was asleep on her stone couch, her wedge-shaped head pointing in their direction, gleaming golden in the glows that illuminated the weyr.