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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Glost \Glost\, n. [See 1st Gloss.] (Ceramics) The lead glaze used for pottery.


n. (cx often attributive English) lead glazing used for pottery

Usage examples of "glost".

But the first of the five lectures would be given by himself, Gloster Ridley, editor of the Salterton Evening Bellman, and he was determined that it should be the best of the lot.

The 1st of November was a beautiful day, and the sun shone with a noble autumn glory as Gloster Ridley, editor of The Bellman, walked through the park to his morning's work.

Because he, Gloster Ridley, lacked the guts to tell the Old Mess that he was fired.

To what extent was he, Gloster Ridley, justified in imposing his taste upon the newspaper's subscribers?

Perhaps twice a year she renewed her attack upon her obdurate father-in-law, and the rest of the time she seized what opportunities she could to call his attention to what she believed were fatal weak­nesses in the editorship of Gloster Ridley.

Therefore he made his way to the house in which Gloster Ridley's apartment was.

As far as possible from the instrument, Gloster Ridley sat with Mrs Fielding on a sofa.

He was more than happy that Richard Fielding should live with Elspeth Fielding, sleep with her, be the father of her children and be first in her heart so long as he, Gloster Ridley, was free to call on her whenever he pleased, talk to her, confide in her, and enjoy the solace of her presence.

For they all thought that Mrs Warboys would see that the insufferable Gloster Ridley lost his job, and received no doctorate from Waverley.

Bute Crawley had come up from Hampshire by the mail, was staying at the Gloster, sent her love to Miss Crawley, and asked for breakfast with Miss Briggs.