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n. (context architecture English) A pavilion or similar structure in an elevated position in parkland


thumb|upright 2.5|The Gloriette in the Schönbrunn Palace Garden, Vienna, Austria framed|Φ (phi): 1000 framed|Phi/2: 500 A gloriette (from the 12th century French gloire meaning "little room") is a building in a garden erected on a site that is elevated with respect to the surroundings. The structural execution and shape can vary greatly, often in the form of a pavilion or tempietto, more or less open on the sides.

Usage examples of "gloriette".

I'll go to Gloriette — opposite Harrods — and get them a superb chocolate cake with 'Love from Daddy' written on the top, and I'll tell them how sorry you are to be away.