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n. Any gooey, viscous substance. vb. 1 To flow like goo or goop, to move in a slushy way. 2 To cover someone in gloop or goo.

Usage examples of "gloop".

A spidery, thin man in a tatty sweater, all elbows and knuckles, his hair standing up as though galvanised, was seated at the table in front of a plate piled high with mashed potato, the mash peppered with sausagesand a brand new bottle of the ubiquitous British brown sauce clutched in his hand ready to gloop.

The resulting splatter of muck glooped uncannily into Twilly's good eye, completing his decline to full sightlessness.

The brooding green water glooped upward, in a thin green viscous stream of slime and disappeared with a gurgle into the plug-hole of history.

The battery was an old Allstate, and the terminals were so glooped up with green corrosion that you couldn't tell which was positive and which was negative.

It was a festa of standing up and falling over, a festa of groping and blundering, a carnival of inexplicably weakened knees and looming pallid faces streaked with congealed or dripping gloops and glots of sand.

Just the deep silence that comes to the marshes when a blanket of snow covers the bogs and quags, silences their gurgles and gloops and sends all the slimy crea­tures back into the stillness of the mud.