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n. (plural of gloom English)

Usage examples of "glooms".

My feet were motionless, but mid the glooms Darted my charmed eyes--1834.

Councillors, Whence the grey glooms of a ghost-eyed despondency Wanned as with winter the national mind.

SEMICHORUS II Heard laughters at the ruthless dooms Which tortured to the eternal glooms Quick, quivering hearts in hecatombs.

I have other glooms Upon my soul--the much-disquieting news That Bourmont has deserted to our foes With his whole staff.

Mobile Mystic Societies The olden golden stories of the world, That stirred the past, And now are dim as dreams, The lays and legends which the bards unfurled In lines that last, All -- rhymed with glooms and gleams.