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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gloominess \Gloom"i*ness\, n. State of being gloomy.


n. The state or condition of being gloomy.

  1. n. an atmosphere of depression and melancholy; "gloom pervaded the office" [syn: gloom, glumness]

  2. a feeling of melancholy apprehension [syn: gloom, somberness]

  3. excessive sadness and mournfulness [syn: lugubriousness]

Usage examples of "gloominess".

Oppressed by his gloominess, Foma had come down on the deck from his cabin, and, for some time, had been standing in the shadow of some wares covered with tarpaulin, and listened to the admonitive and gentle voice of the preacher.

Montoni, though the severity of his temper and the gloominess of his pride prevented him from enjoying such festivities, was extremely willing to promote them.

Even Stark noticed the gloominess of no talking and he came around to Prew to ask what had happened upstairs to cause such a profound dismalness.

It lifted its gloominess in a rocky, angular height that overshadowed the Imperial barracks beyond it, just as its shadow clutched at the Terrestrial malefactor far more than did the unexerted authority of the Empire.