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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Glombe \Glombe\, Glome \Glome\, v. i. To gloom; to look gloomy, morose, or sullen. [Obs.]


Glome \Glome\, n. Gloom. [Obs.]


Glome \Glome\, n. [L. glomus a ball. Cf. Globe.] (Anat.) One of the two prominences at the posterior extremity of the frog of the horse's foot.


Glome is either:

  • the fictitious kingdom that is the setting of C. S. Lewis' novel Till We Have Faces; or
  • the 3-sphere

Usage examples of "glome".

Queen Sophonisba, here is that secret glome or bottom of our days, come when we sniffed the sweetness of the morning.

Anywhere — I'll smuggle you out of Glome — we'll go for beggarwomen all over the world — or you can go to Bardia's house — anywhere, anything you like.

The bodies of Glome and his followers had been taken out of Thorbardin and given to Cale Greeneye and his Neidar adventurers.