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a. Characterised by globs or lumps.

Usage examples of "globby".

It was worms, she thought: they burst through the curtain of filthy rags that covered the squirming globby flesh, huge as serpents, their round reddish heads groping blind.

In the night outside the window the entire project was covered in a thick, globby blanket of white.

He opened the bottle of glue and made a small globby patch on one of the doors, and then held the wooden starfish against the glue in order to attach it.

In its globby piled-on redness, it was a scarlet letter embroidered by an obsessive compulsive.

Further along the trail, other globby Tinkertoys shone inscrutably in the sun.

Now it searched its own globby mass for some sign of her, apparently assuming it had absorbed her as well.

They used their knives and the globby yellow substance in the jar was soon messy, and full of bits of butter and pastry flakes.

Aerolus could almost see it shuffling its globby feet petulantly as it voiced strenuous objections to returning home.

Maalox bottle over and it was spilling thick, white, stomach-acid-quelling, ulcer-coating gunk down her suit jacket, her skirt, and pooling in a globby puddle in her lap.