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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gloam \Gloam\, v. i. [See Gloom, Glum.]

  1. To begin to grow dark; to grow dusky.

  2. To be sullen or morose. [Obs.]


Gloam \Gloam\, n. The twilight; gloaming. [R.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1821 (Keats), a back-formation from gloaming.


n. (context obsolete English) gloaming, twilight vb. 1 To begin to grow dark; to grow dusky. 2 To be sullen or morose.

Usage examples of "gloam".

He gives us, for example, rememorating, producement, curvate, habitude, rummers, familistic, gloam, dit, shippon and scrab.

Milton Gloaming, who achieved perfect tripos at Cambridge ten years ago, abandons his shorthand to rise and go shut the gas off.

The sun disappeared and the short winter gloaming fell over the flat land.

Despite its grim origin his laughter lightened their mood as they rode from the clearing into the premature gloaming of the trees.

Brighter days and lighter cheer, Gathers thus the quiet gloaming -- Now, I ween, the end is near.

Accordingly, in the gloaming, I went over to where he stayed: it was with Miss Jenny Killfuddy, an elderly maiden lady, whose father was the minister of Braehill, and the same that is spoken of in the chronicle of Dalmailing, as having had his eye almost put out by a clash of glaur, at the stormy placing of Mr Balwhidder.

Seeing no abatement of the wrath of heaven, that howled and roared around us, I put on my big-coat, and taking my staff in my hand, having tied down my hat with a silk handkerchief, towards gloaming I walked likewise to the kirkyard, where I beheld such an assemblage of sorrow, as few men in situation have ever been put to the trial to witness.

Always, though he would remember and see again the images of the forest he saw in the shadowless light of gloaming, the song would elude him except as the half-remembered laughter of wind in the trees.

Rood Hall looked lovely when they went back to it in the gloaming, an Elizabethan pile crowned with towers.

Mary rang bells and gave orders, just as she had done in that summer gloaming a year ago.

The gloaming was her friend, and, unable to see where she was going, she slid on some rocks and pitched forward into a narrow ditch.

We had tried it before in a quiet gloaming and had had no luck, though we had seen big trout feeding.

The lane above had wandered on in the gloaming of its hedges and over-arching trees.

How many hundred times have we formed a circle round him in the gloaming, all sitting or lying on the greensward, before the dews had begun to descend, listening to his tales and stories of holy or heroic men and women, who had been greatly good and glorious in the days of old!

He passed the road again many times, and then he would meet her in the gloaming, or of a morning in the field as she went to fetch the kye.