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n. (plural of glint English)


Glints is an online talent recruitment and career discovery platform headquartered in Singapore. It is a platform for young talent to build up their career readiness through internships and graduate jobs; developing skill sets required in different careers.

The company was founded in August 2013 by Oswald Yeo, Looi Qin En and Seah Ying Cong. The website was launched in January 2014. Through the website, users can apply for internships, full-time, part-time or project based positions with partnered companies. The website targets job hunters aged 16 to 26. Some major companies registered with Glints include Adidas and Puma. Glints is looking to expand operations beyond Singapore to other countries in the region and the larger US market.

Usage examples of "glints".

Other Glints, notably those ilks resident in the High Marcatives, became bandits, raiding the depots of Isedel, and even Swange and Glistelamet, for tools, fabric and wealth.

Eyes shut, her hair like wound bronze tanged with rubbed glints where the ends curled, Elaira said slowly, "

The Thariots retaliated, using draughts of Saidanese warriors, the so-called ‘perrupters’, but only after three centuries were the Glints subdued, whereupon Glentlin in effect became the thirteenth district of Thaery.

Glistening pale blonde hair with dark golden glints under the surface flowed smooth as water to her jaw-line, then flared to the sides.

The wind ruffled Mieltrude’s pale hair, revealing dark gold glints and shades.

Gagliaudo said, pouring a bit of wine on his sleeve, to show that the cloth wouldn't absorb it and the drop remained compact, with ruby glints, a sign that this was good stuff.

Drawn by those glints, the basilisk raised his head and fixed his lizard eyes directly on this shining surface, exhaling his horrendous breath.

I made him enjoy the sunsets on the Propontis, the emerald glints on the Venetian lagoon, the valley in Hibernia where seven white churches lie on the shores of a silent lake.

I said her hair was blond, but no: as the head slowly moved, the hair at times had bluish glints, at other times it seemed to have a light fire running through it.

It was now evening, and miraculously I saw the moon over my head, illuminating the place where I was, and casting silvery glints on the faces of the dead.

Sweat tangled in his hair, threw back glints of light like crystal drops, gleamed and followed the line of muscles down his body.

The glints of color in her hazel depths had never seemed more beautiful to Caleb than at that moment.

Serena had thought the jacket was black, but the glints of light in it were an intense, almost fiery blue, rather like her eyes.

He scans the beautiful scenery for other glints and sees a few, although they don’t have that too-bright look of superreflective robot hulls.

The police, across the square, were armored with helmets and plastic shields that gave off glints like steel.