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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Glike \Glike\, n. [See Gleek a jest.] A sneer; a flout. [Obs.]


n. (context obsolete English) A sneer; a flout.

Usage examples of "glike".

But most of Glike was uniquely Haydonite: slender minarets and spires, fantastic white-frost gingerbread mansions, lacy elfin halls that seemed to shine with an inner light.

As Veidt and Sarna had explained it, Glike was similar to the old-time Hong Kong.

There were assorted Haydonites hovering at a polite distance, and through the windows of the Hall of Healing Karen could see the wonderland of Glike, with its flying carpets and fairy-tale architecture.

The others are in danger, up above in Glike, and we have to get to them at once.

Vince, leading the way, was thankful that the Invid had decided to make their Glike slave operation an Enforcer-and Officer-run facility.

Inorganic reinforcements are being airlifted into Glike, and the outcome hangs in the balance.

The cruiser, bigger than an aircraft carrier, was a moving mountain of weapons and armor on treads as wide as a Glike boulevard.

The ruins of Glike had the air of a monument to the trans-species hunger for freedom.

Things were so disorganized in Glike that there wasn't much time for comment.

Its central dome alone was bigger than Glike, Beroth, and Monument City put together.

In the plaza twenty, stories below her, pedestrians were scurrying for cover as Glike rumbled and shook.

Haydon knows they require no true atmosphere for themselves, nor any need of Glike, for that matter.

Cabell asked as he stepped into Max and Miriya Sterling's high-towered quarters in Glike, the planet's principal population center.

The room was on the top floor of an inverted icicle of a skyscraper, positioned to offer panoramic views of Glike and the surrounding hillsides.