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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Glide \Glide\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Glided; p. pr. & vb. n. Gliding.] [AS. gl[=i]dan; akin to D. glijden, OHG. gl[=i]tan, G. gleiten, Sw. glida, Dan. glide, and prob. to E. glad.]

  1. To move gently and smoothly; to pass along without noise, violence, or apparent effort; to pass rapidly and easily, or with a smooth, silent motion, as a river in its channel, a bird in the air, a skater over ice.

    The river glideth at his own sweet will.

  2. (Phon.) To pass with a glide, as the voice.

  3. (A["e]ronautics) To move through the air by virtue of gravity or momentum; to volplane.


vb. (context US English) (en-past of: glide)

Usage examples of "glided".

Killashandra had no wish to resist the enticements so lavishly available and she cheered as hard as the rest of the inhabitants of Angel Island as sailors on the yard arms reefed the sails while the schooner glided toward the pier, and the shoremen waited to secure the lines tossed to them.

He glided across the room to the computer station and flicked it on with just the nail of his first finger.

Consequently she felt less weary when she glided the sled to land on the square of the old secondary camp.

Suddenly the vines were shoved aside as three large golden fliers glided in, coming to a halt a respectful distance from where the shuttle had nested so long.

Instead of walking, they glided a few centimeters over most of the beautiful, green sward.

Dignified but clearly excited, they glided across the swampy ground, to alight in front of Tall Eyebrow and his companions.

Another ocean glided by, this one wider than the first, then the harp reappeared, much closer and larger.

The Cridi flew or glided nimbly out of Keff's way as he slogged back toward the airlock.

Even as he spoke, Bruce glided to a more advantageous position for teamwork.

When Don climbed in, Sascha slid the door shut, and the big heli-bus glided upward and southeast.

As soon as Peter glided in side, he began to emanate excitement, his eyes spar kling with anticipation while he maneuvered down the stairs.

Peter said, and then glided to the vehicle, the small torpedo-shaped, windowless drone that Johnny had been leaning against.

He beamed at Nicola, shaking his head ever so slightly as the outer door opened and he glided out into the corridor, feet on the ground and knees lifting in his usual approximation of an ordinary gait.

Peter mimed eating and glided into the galley that was unoccupied, save for the lingering aroma of a savory.

She let her body relax to the motion of the shuttle as it lifted on air cushions and glided from the hangar.