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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Glibly \Glib"ly\, adv. In a glib manner; as, to speak glibly.


adv. In a glib manner.


adv. with superficial plausibility; "he talked glibly" [syn: slickly]

Usage examples of "glibly".

He was staggered to find a chief of police glibly accepting an obviously falsified alibi.

However glibly he couched his report, Dalziel would read between the lines.

She stood amazed, hearing her voice going glibly through problems in short division.

Such a position denies or glibly dismisses as necessary the very real and avoidable suffering that happens as a result of human failure.

He sought to bear his honors with the modesty that is native to him, but in his heart he knew that we now spoke of him glibly as the Boss of Little Arcady, and the consciousness of it bubbled in his manner in spite of him.

The Heisenberg Principle clearly demonstrates the calculability of the uncertainties to which you so glibly allude.

Hendricks' home, they chatterin' glibly all the way—and then after a few minutes' further remarks on the doorstep Hendricks, he went in—and Hanlon—!

The fast shopboy whose love of fine company and high living had brought him to this pass, had shaken off the first shame that was on him, and listened eagerly to the narratives of successful vice that fell so glibly from the lips of his older companions.

One was to discover how glibly he uttered the phrases proper to whip up the emotions of a crowd: the other was in the remembrance of how the crafty Cardinal de Retz, for the purpose of inflaming popular sympathy on his behalf, had been in the habit of hiring fellows to fire upon his carriage.

Those deep feelings for his country which one man will express glibly by rising nine times during the morning at the sound of the National Anthem, another will direct to more solid uses.

She had talked fast to get Ben Stowe out of there, talked glibly to get him to bring her home, but she was worried about him.

Celie's trickeries were so glibly described that they could hardly have been invented, and certainly not by this poor peasant-woman whose lips so bravely struggled with Medici, and Montespan, and the names of the other great ladies.

A cop whose brother was a cop in Richmond just glibly told Wingo, a stranger, this?