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a. Of or pertaining to glia


adj. of or relating to neuroglia


Usage examples of "glial".

In the glial processes you have sustentacular tissue, probably of epiblastic origin, that.

She forced her glial receptors to full sensitivity, but zylphed practically nothing.

Through his glial receptors, however, the articles he encountered were seldom what they seemed.

And he could almost feel the intense concentration of her glial receptors upon him.

He was surprised at the almost instant response of his glial receptors, the surging flood of hypervisual impressions that engulfed him, the considerable detail he could sense, the minimum amount of distortion.

Then, exhausted from so much transsensory perception, he let his glial receptors settle into the endocrinal balance of nonsensitivity, knowing that the security forces would find Simmons and do whatever had to be done.

He reached out for the suppressor, but stayed his hand on the knob as new, incomprehensible impressions assailed his glial receptors, compelling his attention.

The surface of the glial cell still stretched out as far as the eye could see into the dimness beyond the reach of the ship's light, but it had changed in character.

And you were given one axon, or one detached glial cell, to examine.

There are also some ten times as many glial cells of several kinds, which serve supporting and subsidiary functions.

Telomod therapy might recondition the glial cells of the brain, but too many neurons are already dead for restoration of mental functions.

They link up with glial cells to regulate the firing of nerve cells.

A small number of neurons and glial cells could be removed from the brain without harm, regressed to an embryonic state, multiplied in tissue culture, then reinjected into the damaged region.

For every neuron in the brain there are roughly ten glial cells (from the Greek word for glue), which provide the scaffolding for the neuronal architecture.

Your nerves grow new connections as you use them -- the axons split and push their way between the dividing glial cells -- your bioware selfmodifies -- the software becomes part of the hardware.