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Usage examples of "gless".

The only Sworn left to him, unless one counted Gless, who was safely back at Kellsjard waiting for them.

Suchen curled up on herself and wept for her home and for the dead: Gless, Sifya, Jiara the healermage, the baby Auglar had never even met, Yozerf .

Confessing his tale to Gless had made all the wounds seem fresh once again, and he felt as if he bled somewhere deep inside.

Ever since Gless had taken the wound that left one leg partially lame, he had seemed to give up the idea of himself as a warrior.

With a startled cry, Gless fell to the ground as the weakened muscles gave out.

Yozerf could see that Gless was beginning to consider ways to compensate for his injury.

Yozerf finally called a halt, he gave Gless no opportunity to rest, but instead started them all back on their long walk.

Owl and Yozerf were playing a game that consisted of tossing a stone back and forth as they walked, while at the same time moving farther and farther apart, so Gless was actually the first to spot the trouble.

Owl, as if her presence somehow proved that Yozerf and Gless were trustworthy.

But when she dashed up to Yozerf instead of Gless and locked her arms around his waist, all the while gleefully recounting the battle as if they might have somehow missed it, their looks turned to curiosity.

If he had half a mind, he would take Owl and Gless, set off on his own, and leave the rest of them to fare as best as they could.

He watched while Tan and Morwen played with their children by the fire at night, aware of their gratitude for this moment that would not have come, had Yozerf and Gless left them to the mercies of the bandits.

The entire camp had turned out to greet him, and his first thought was that Gless had been right.

Yozerf had refused the offer of a strong drink before Gless set the stitches and bound it.

A rather buxom maiden brought Gless a tankard of ale, giving him a smile and a wink along with it.