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n. (plural of glen English)

Usage examples of "glens".

We rode incessantly: racing one another in the surf~ hunting in the wooded hills and glens of the island, engaging in mock battles.

The few hardy folk who live there shelter in the steep-sided glens, or on the flat land above one of the innumerable coves on the eastern side of the island.

It is a specially prepared mixture of ashes obtained from the burning of the nine sacred woods: willow of the streams, hazel of the rocks, alder of the marshes, birch of the waterfalls, ash of the shadows, yew of the plain, elm of the glens, rowan of the mountains, oak of the sun.

The swollen river thrashed its way to the mountain glens, sending up a fine white mist which coated the rocks and froze on them.

What drives the boar from the glens and causes the deer to fly from the forests?

All Albion trembled with the sound, echoing the Song from mountaintop to mountaintop, filling the glens and valleys.

The Isle of Ocr is dominated by high black crags and deep-seamed glens with fast-running streams.

There had been the whole heavenly choir at six o'clock that morning when their shiny station-wagon had disappeared down the road on their way to Glens Falls and then to Troy where the monsters came from.

I switched on the radio, and while I listened to WOKO frightening its audience about the storm—power lines down, the Hudson River rising dangerously at Glens Falls, a fallen elm blocking Route 9 at Saratoga Springs, flood warning at Mechanicville—I strapped a bit of cardboard over the broken windowpane with Scotch tape and got a cloth and bucket and mopped up the pool of water on the floor.

I'm heading south and I doubt if there's anything on this road this side of Glens Falls.

It crossed my mind that the blaze must have been visible for miles, perhaps even as far as Lake George or Glens Falls, yet no one had turned up to help.

I am on my way to Glens Falls, where I will make a full report to the police after telling the Highway Patrol to get to you immediately.

Now, miss, can you tell me how it's come about that Washington's mixed up in this, and within a bare couple of hours of Glens Falls getting the first report?

And by then we had found others-clans and tribes who had either escaped or had taken to the hills and glens rather than wait to be attacked and driven out.

Ablaze with color and light the rich greens of the tree-filled glens and the delicate mottled verdure of the high moors, the dazzling blue of the sunwashed sky, the subtle greys of stone and the deep browns of the earth, the sparkling silver of water, the shimmering gold of sunlight.