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Glenn -- U.S. County in California
Population (2000): 26453
Housing Units (2000): 9982
Land area (2000): 1314.793116 sq. miles (3405.298392 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 12.362837 sq. miles (32.019600 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 1327.155953 sq. miles (3437.317992 sq. km)
Located within: California (CA), FIPS 06
Location: 39.630023 N, 122.291407 W
Glenn, CA
Glenn County
Glenn County, CA

Glenn may refer to:

Glenn (name)

Glenn is a surname derived from the Irish/Scottish Gaelic word gleann. In the 19th century, Glenn also became common as a given name in English speaking cultures.

In Sweden, Glenn is relatively common first name in the western parts of the country but especially Gothenburg, originally due to a large and influential population of emigrated Scotsmen, especially in the city's early centuries. The name was very prevalent in the local football team IFK Göteborg which in the early 1980s had no fewer than four players named Glenn, including Glenn Hysén and Glenn Strömberg. The Swedish name is not Gaelic in origin, but rather derived from the Norse God Glenr, being part of the Viking revival.

Glenn may refer to:

In music
  • Glenn Danzig (born 1955), American rock musician
  • Glenn Frey (1948–2016), American rock musician known for his work with The Eagles
  • Glenn Gould (1932–1982), Canadian pianist
  • Glen Hansard (born 1970), Irish singer/songwriter
  • Glenn Hughes (born 1952), English rock musician
  • Glenn Hughes (Village People) (1950–2001), musician known for his work with The Village People
  • Glenn Miller (1904–1944), American jazz musician
  • Glenn Robinson (musician) (born 1985), American rock musician
  • Glenn Tilbrook (born 1957), British musician
  • Glenn Tipton (born 1947), English rock musician
  • Glenn Yarbrough (born 1930), American folk singer
  • The Extra Glenns, American musical duo in the 1990s
In other fields
  • Glenn Beck (born 1964), American talk-radio and television host
  • Glenn Close (born 1947), American actress
  • Glenn Corbett (1930–1993), American actor
  • Glenn Flear (born 1959), British chess player
  • Glenn Ford (1916–2006), American actor
  • Glenn Glass (born 1940), American football player
  • Glenn Greenwald (born 1967), American author and blogger
  • Glenn Hoddle (born 1957), English footballer
  • Glenn Howerton (born 1976), American actor, producer and screenwriter
  • Glenn Hysén (born 1959), Swedish football player
  • Glenn Jacobs, pro wrestler
  • Glenn Johnson (born 1984), English footballer
  • Glenn L. Martin (born 1886), aviation pioneer
  • Glenn Lazarus (born 1965), Australian rugby league footballer
  • Glenn Loovens (born 1983), Dutch football player
  • Glenn Love (born 1989), American football player
  • Glenn McGrath (born 1970), Australian cricketer
  • Glenn Quinn (1970–2002), Irish actor
  • Glenn Rubenstein (born 1976), American journalist
  • Glenn Ross (born 1971), British strongman/powerlifter
  • Glenn T. Seaborg (1912–1999), American chemist, Nobel Prize laureate
  • Glenn Sears, retired American race car driver
  • Glenn Stewart (born 1984), Australian Rugby League player
  • Glenn Strange (1899–1973), American actor
  • Glenn Strömberg (born 1960), Swedish football player
  • Glenn Tresidder (born 1986), English Entrepreneur, FreshClobber
  • Glenn E. Trowbridge (born 1943), American politician.
  • Glenn Turner (born 1947), New Zealand cricketer
  • Glenn Whelan (born 1984), Irish footballer
  • Glenn Withrow (born 1953), American actor
  • Glenn Young (born 1929), American football (NFL) player
  • Glenn (a.k.a. Frog), from the video game Chrono Trigger
  • Glenn, from the video game Chrono Cross
  • Glenn Martin, a fictional character in Nickelodeon's TV series Glenn Martin, DDS
  • Glenn Quagmire, from the animated American television sitcom Family Guy
  • Glenn, a fictional character in the comic The Walking Dead and the television series of the same name.
  • Glenn Cullen, a fictional character in the BBC Television series The Thick of It
  • Glenn Matthews, otherwise known as The Janitor from the TV series Scrubs
Glenn (Sacramento RT)

Glenn is a side platformed Sacramento RT light rail station in Folsom, California, United States. The station was opened on October 15, 2005, and is operated by the Sacramento Regional Transit District. As part of the Gold Line, it has service to Downtown Sacramento, California State University, Sacramento, Rancho Cordova and Gold River. The station is located near the intersection of Glenn Drive and Folsom Boulevard. It serves primarily as a commuter stop, as it features a mid-sized parking lot.

Usage examples of "glenn".

Glenn stood at the base of the ship with Prentiss and Martin after Gibbs left.

Glenn watched in silence while Gibbs finished his examination and made careful notes.

As a senator, Glenn was the chief architect of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Act of 1978, which put strict controls on nuclear trade, helping to reduce the spread of nuclear weapons.

Penny came to know the older test pilots, who were either still working on the base or returning to it to compare notes or drink beer with their earlier associates, and she saw that John Glenn, quiet and sober, was much like her husband, a true straight arrow, and from watching Glenn, she came to know John better.

Another unfortunate choice was Hialeah policeman Glenn Rice, a Martinez campaign volunteer who signed 20 absentee ballots as a witness.

Sandra Glenn chuckled over the mental image of a grown Leslie Coombes splashing the bath water with his rubber duckie while a gray-haired matron scrubbed him down with soap and a wash cloth.

Glenn had had her moments of regret, but nothing life-threatening, and they had passed through those years spending nappy money on a boat, went to dinner on birthday cash and drank margaritas in Mexico at Christmas after her mother had died.

It hung from a cord dangling from the ceiling and Glenn guessed that this was where the renovations had concluded.

Glenn patted her hair, still fashionably short, and smoothed the front of her blouse over an unfamiliarly flat belly.

There were three kinds of potato salad, many green salads, fresh fruit, cheeses, dips, pies,watermelon, sherbet, cheesecake, and Glenn ate to busting.

According to Glenn Wilburn, who has intensively investigated the connection, Strassmeir claimed he stopped working when it started to rain, then went home and watched the bombing on TV.

One of those moments came at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union in 1985, when Glenn Izett and C.

The bodies of Peter Talides, Glenn Dudley, and Ben Kly were triple-bagged in white body pouches that were plastered with biohazard symbols.

And here, even though only they will know why their love and loyalty have special meaning for me, I want to thank Easter Straker, Mary Porter, Glenn Smith, Sara Pilcher, Clara Marie Gould, Ruby Wilson, Emma Gibson, Freddie Wright, Cathy Hively, Rosalie Kelly, Bob Summer, Gene Greniker, Rosemary Holton, Fred and Sara Bentley, Grace Wolff, Ann Hyman, Dena Snodgrass, Faith Brunson, Sarah Bell Edmond, Jimmie Harnsberger, Marian Seidel, my sister-in-law' Millie Price, Cindy and Mike Birdsong and tribe, and a beautiful St.

Only Richard's brother, Glenn, is currently married, and his wife and Charlotte butt heads constantly.