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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Glede \Glede\ (gl[=e]d), n. [AS. glida, akin to Icel. gle[eth]a, Sw. glada. Cf. Glide, v. i.] (Zo["o]l.) The common European kite ( Milvus ictinus). This name is also sometimes applied to the buzzard. [Written also glead, gled, gleed, glade, and glide.]


Glede \Glede\, n. [See Gleed.] A live coal. [Archaic]

The cruel ire, red as any glede.


Etymology 1 alt. A live coal, an ember. n. A live coal, an ember. Etymology 2

n. Any of several birds of prey, especially a kite, ''Milvus milvus''.

Usage examples of "glede".

Sunspark came behind them, though not too closely, spitting gledes and rockets of fire with joyous abandon.