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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ This fundamental marketing information can easily be gleaned from the vast stores of historic customer data which hotels possess.
▪ In so doing, it will be necessary to draw on information about both already gleaned from 7: 1-24.
▪ Some information can be gleaned, although it tends to be more sketchy.
▪ If members of the audience introduced themselves, use some of the information you gleaned during your speech.
▪ Charles told Jacqui the new information he'd gleaned, but met with little luck in following it up.
▪ Additional information was gleaned from two other consulting firms and state and federal governments.&038;.
▪ They sat in the corner and he pumped her for any information she might have gleaned from Wickham.
▪ Smith, that the potential range of technological information which could be gleaned from analyses was fully realised.
▪ A measure of its success and an indication of the magnitude of its task could be gleaned from Benelux.
▪ And her reaction to her illness was, as best I can glean, fraught with fear, discouragement, and depression.
▪ Believers say the government has captured alien spacecraft and used the technology gleaned from them to make their own spaceships.
▪ But some idea of the general type he was looking for can be gleaned from his memoirs.
▪ Some information can be gleaned, although it tends to be more sketchy.
▪ There are other clues to be gleaned.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Glean \Glean\, v. i.

  1. To gather stalks or ears of grain left by reapers.

    And she went, and came, and gleaned in the field after the reapers.
    --Ruth ii. 3.

  2. To pick up or gather anything by degrees.

    Piecemeal they this acre first, then that; Glean on, and gather up the whole estate.


Glean \Glean\, n. A collection made by gleaning.

The gleans of yellow thyme distend his thighs.


Glean \Glean\, n. Cleaning; afterbirth. [Obs.]


Glean \Glean\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Gleaned; p. pr. & vb. n. Gleaning.] [OE. glenen, OF. glener, glaner, F. glaner, fr. LL. glenare; cf. W. glan clean, glanh?u to clean, purify, or AS. gelm, gilm, a hand?ul.]

  1. To gather after a reaper; to collect in scattered or fragmentary parcels, as the grain left by a reaper, or grapes left after the gathering.

    To glean the broken ears after the man That the main harvest reaps.

  2. To gather from (a field or vineyard) what is left.

  3. To collect with patient and minute labor; to pick out; to obtain.

    Content to glean what we can from . . . experiments.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., from Old French glener (Modern French glaner) "to glean," from Late Latin glennare "make a collection," perhaps from Gaulish (compare Old Irish do-glinn "he collects, gathers," Celt. glan "clean, pure"). Figurative sense was earlier in English than the literal one of "gather grain left by the reapers" (late 14c.). Related: Gleaned; gleaning.\n


Etymology 1 n. A collection made by gleaning. vb. 1 To collect (grain, grapes, etc.) leave behind after the main harvest or gathering. 2 To gather what is left in (a field or vineyard). 3 To gather information in small amounts, with imply difficulty, bit by bit. 4 To frugally accumulate resources from low-yield contexts. Etymology 2

n. (context obsolete English) cleaning; afterbirth


v. gather, as of natural products; "harvest the grapes" [syn: reap, harvest]

Glean (album)

Glean is the thirteenth studio album from New York City-based alternative rock band They Might Be Giants, released on April 21, 2015. It is composed entirely of releases from the first four months of the band's 2015 Dial-A-Song project.

Glean (disambiguation)

Gleaning is a post-harvest agricultural process.

Glean may also refer to:

  • Gleaning (birds), a feeding process in birds similar to the agricultural process
  • Glean (album), a 2015 album by They Might Be Giants
  • Glean, a 2004 album by Echobrain
  • Carlyle Glean (born 1932), Grenadian politician
  • Marion Patrick Jones (1934–2016), Trinidadian novelist also known as Marion Glean

Usage examples of "glean".

Theirs was an older version, gleaned from the Avion government by the remaining Kin sha, capable of training pilots under actual battle conditions without risk.

In pursuing his own investigation of the WTC bombing, Bucca had to rely on what bits and pieces of intel he could glean from DIA.

She coveted every bit of information she could glean, but was suspicious of spies.

Par feared that his affinity with the First Seeker, whatever its nature, let Rimmer Dall glean the secrets he would otherwise keep hiddeneven those he was not immediately privy to, those kept by his friends and companions.

It was as he discussed this very thing with his Minister, Dewan Sewlal, that Nana Sahib swirled up the gravelled drive to the bungalow on his golden-chestnut Arab, in his mind an inspiration gleaned from something that had been.

Instead he swung his mount northwest and rode at a canter until he ran into the first of the fleeing Tithansi, from whom he gleaned the story.

Revel, the dancers spinning and gliding in the streets, the falconers displaying the talents of their birds, the tournaments of strength and speed and sword skill waged by men of fighting age, the gleaning remained its most important element, just as it lay at the core of the traveling festivals found in the other kingdoms of the Forelands.

Grinsa and the other Qirsi gleaners, the growing season meant not warm nights and cool breezes, but rather stifling days spent in the still air of the gleaning tent.

He alone among those standing outside the gleaning tent in the marketplace of Curgh City had nothing to fear from the Qiran.

Tavis within the stone, the wretched prisoner, turned his head to look directly at the Tavis in the gleaning tent.

Tavis and Xaver, Grinsa rested, allowing Cresenne and then Trin, the eldest of the gleaners and the man in charge of the gleaning tent, to do their share, before he finished the final few.

Even after he joined the Revel a year later, he avoided Trin and the other Qirsi, passing what little time he spent away from the gleaning tent and his room with Eandi singers and dancers.

Had his gleaning been of glory and long life, the fate that awaited Tavis in Kentigern might arouse memories of Filib of Thorald and his untimely death.

His thirst for wine and ale, on the other hand, had never been greater, and though he had not drunk himself into a rage again, the way he did the night of his gleaning, he had been quietly drunk nearly every night since.

Even before his eyes adjusted to the shadows, he understood that this was the prison he had seen in the gleaning tent.